What is the DataSlash Difference?

DataSlash is a new kind of software company. We are an Enterprise software company working on behalf of Non-Profits. Causes of DataSlash include: Social Good, Justice, Conservation, Education. Our Model: We partner with Non-Profits to accelerate their funding access to new revenue sources. We don't take a penny until the Non-Profit has already received new donations. We provide unique software-based access to a market Non-Profits can't access alone, with a stake-in-equity model.


DataSlash software updates and roadmap are always available to every customer under contract. We don't ever charge a "feature uplift". Rollout of each customer is unique and features are optionally exercised upon release, but customers are never charged a fee to access new features/releases.

Individual Design

We believe in design-specificity. Each Non-Profit has it's own unique challenges and risk tolerance. For each Non-Profit we support, an individualized software design is produced. Goal #1: access. Goal #2: Scaling. Goal #3: Campaign-specific software design.


Each Non-Profit customer and partner gets their own "always-on" support direct from DataSlash employees. As a free service to all (at DataSlash we believe in communities), we also offer community-based support via our Open/Community Slack channel for those who aren't direct customers.
Our business model operates the way an Open Source Software Support model does: what you are getting from DataSlash is a software support subscription.


Donors who send Crypto Currency (BitCoin, etc.) direct to the non-profit realize a massive uplift in effective donations. Minimal increase in donation throughput is 21%, maximum is 37%. Want more donations? Easy. Maximize how the donation is received!


We start with assumption that our Non-Profit customers require special protection and multiple exit strategies relative to crypto currency. BitCoin and other currencies are incredibly exciting, we want our customer to maximize receipts in those donations while minimizing risk and duration of time they hold digital assets versus cash.

Who are our Donation Recipients?

At DataSlash, we are picky with our partner selections. We only partner with those non profits that have shown themselves to be dedicated to changing lives for the better. While this includes a range of different charity missions, none of our charity partners exist solely to serve administrative overhead; and all of them can demonstrate where your donations go.

New Non-Profit Partner Rollout Sequence:

Design Session

Bank and Exchange Linking

Wallet Installation and Linking

Coin Translator Installed

Auditing/Compliance Report Design

Automation of BlockChain Donor Gift Receipt

Non-Profit Specific Crypto-Token

Marketing for a New Group of Investors

Analyze and Optimize for Next Cycle…

Meet our team
Rob Morrow

Rob Morrow


Rob is CEO of DataSlash.io Inc,. Rob has held technology leadership positions in the Software industry assisting the national security customer base for 28 years. As CTO of the Federal line of business at Cloudera, Rob designed and delivered a number of new software Products for his customers while helping grow Cloudera from 150 employees to 1,800 and contributing strongly to Cloudera’s IPO transition to the launch of a publicly traded software company. Prior to Cloudera, Rob was Principal Architect at Sun Microsystems for many years and across a variety of mission-critical projects before becoming Oracle’s Chief Architect of Engineered Systems in their National Security Group. While a young Ph.D.-candidate at the University of California, Riverside, Rob worked on an array of Artificial Intelligence scientific models, the product of which he occasionally publishes in scientific peer-reviewed journals. After nearly 3 decades of work with the United States Government, and Silicon Valley software companies, Rob started DataSlash with the vision of becoming a cause-based, identity-specific, and software-accelerated way for Non-Profits to accomplish their Mission.

Mark Ronlov

Mark Ronlov


Mark Ronlov is a lifelong technologist and community steward. His passion for emerging technologies has led him to successful positions with leading global companies such as Lucent Technologies, Sun Microsystems, Oracle and MapR Technologies. Further, he has spent the bulk of his 20 year career bringing technology to government through the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. His mission-first focus led multiple digital transformation efforts with his customers. Mark is dedicated to helping his community thrive. He has a long record of volunteer work including reading to the blind with the Radio Reading Service of the Rockies, mentoring disadvantaged youth in inner city neighborhoods, promoting historical preservation with the Loudoun Heritage Farm Museum, and fostering open discourse and history serving Conversations at Oatlands. Mark is an involved youth coach, dedicated husband, church leader, and supporter of the arts.

Bruce Rurka

Bruce Rurka

EVP, Customer Success

With over 18 years IT Project and Program Management experience in the customer service and support arena, Bruce has built an excellent reputation for accelerating his customers success in their unique missions. Working in the federal space for companies such as StorageTek, Sun Microsystems, Oracle and Hewlett Packard, Bruce has managed multiple high profile programs which have all resulted in long term relationships with his customers. These high profile programs were mission critical support systems for each customer. Bruce has a passion for helping others. As a veteran and President of a local sports club, he routinely volunteers his time and raises money for veterans organizations and animal rescues.

John Keeling

John Keeling

Board Member

John is a Senior Vice President of Business Development with the Motley Fool and Venture Partner for Motley Fool Ventures. John has over twenty years of experience in consumer online services and enterprise software, including group project management, strategic business planning, and identifying, negotiating and developing strategic business partnerships. John helped to launch The Motley Fool’s asset management and wealth management divisions, and was a partner in their corporate venture program. Prior to The Motley Fool, he was a Vice President of Product Management at Aol where he led the development of Aol’s Money and Finance, Personalization, Voice and other products. John was also a Principal Consultant at Netscape Communications where he led the development of messaging platforms for a number of corporate, ISP and brokerage clients. As a graduate student at Stanford, John helped found And Communications, a website development firm that included Apple, Cisco and National Semiconductor as clients. He was active as a volunteer to bring technology to inner city youth with Palo Alto’s Plugged In Enterprises, and for the last several years served on the board of Legacy Farms Virginia, an organization that provides job training and placement for young adults with autism.

Randy Clarke

Randy Clarke

Board Member

Randy is a serial entrepreneur who is currently CEO of Synertex llc. Having built a number of for-profit businesses in the arena of technology consulting, Randy is a valuable DataSlash advisor and Board Member.

Our Clients

Each Non-Profit Client has their own Unique Goals. DataSlash helps them achieve their Mission faster, and with better funding.
Legacy Farms

Legacy Farms


Legacy Farms is committed to helping individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities explore opportunities that advance their employment, education, life skills, health, and well-being. Our programs provide experience in a wide array of agrarian based job skills and settings, all designed to give our farmers “hands-on” learning opportunities and contribute to their community.

Combat Wounded Coalition

Combat Wounded Coalition


The Combat Wounded Coalition is committed to help combat-wounded warriors re-instill Pride they once had, attain Power they need to surge forth, discover Purpose in their new lives, and ultimately, find Peace. In addition, the Combat Wounded Coalition strives to reshape the common misconception of wounded warriors as damaged goods. We are survivors. We are leaders. We will overcome. We are the future of America.


Opening Post

Ask How to Donate BitCoin to Your Favorite Charity directly in 5 minutes.

If your favorite Non Profit doesn't currently accept BitCoin (ETH, BCH, ETC, or other) let us know. We can get them on the BlockChain in just a couple of days.

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